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Movements of preassure gauge

Explanation to pressure gauge gear drive styles




F: Reverse movement, Before Y no code for forward movement

□ - Function code:

    B-precision movement

    A-Stainless steel movement

    S-Double cone movement

    N-Vibration-proof movement

    E-Diaphragm capsule movement

□C: Code of pressure gauge gear drive mechanism (YC is two first letters of Chinese Ya-pressure and Chi-gear)

100: Nominal size of assorted pressure gauge case

H: Gear wheel (Pointer shaft in pressure gauge) material code

   H: Plumbum Yellow copper  Q: Stannum Bronze  G: Stainless Steel

18:Tooth amount of gear wheel

A: Developing product code to show differences



Symbol Description of Product Form Parameter

i:  drive rate

m: Mode number

⊥:Mounting dimensions from core center shaft to the mounting hole.

A: Parallel size from core center shaft to mounting hole

R: Radius size from core center shaft to the mounting hole

▷:Wimble angle

Φ:Hole Diameter

L:  Pointer shaft length

B1: Length of produce big splint

B2: Length of protrude small splint