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Cases of pressure gauge

The codes of cases and bezels of pressure gauge and thermometers
(Stainless steel shock resistance, matte, polished, steel cases selectable)
BStainless steel SWika bayonet model
TCold rolled sheet CGroove model
-Thickness XXPlug plane
KBayonet ring DElectric contact pressure gauge
GRolling type FBayonet ring plane
фOutside diameter of case/connection size WThermometer
内фInside diameter of case MDiaphragm capsule pressure gauge case
PGeneral case UU-clamp case1
JBottom connection NU-clamp case2
ZBack connection 廿U-clamp distance
Bezel or ring U-clamp
Case (上)Front flange
Bottom connection case with back flange (下)Back flange
Front flange 中ΦFlange distance
ALaser welding 中x中Hole distance
Bottom connection case - J model Back connection case Z mode
01Octagonal welding 01Central square hole welding
02Octagonal downhand welding 02Central octagonal hole welding
03  03Eccentric square hole welding 
04Octagonal hole welding 04Eccentric octagonal hole welding
05Two sockets 05Central sockets of two parts
06One socket 06Central socket of one part
07  07Eccentric sockets of two parts
08  08Eccentric socket of one part
09  09Central octagonal hole welding
10Case with explosion-proof hole 10With exploding plate
11bottom connection and bezel 11Central connection welding
12  12Eccentric connection welding
13Ring of sealing style 13Back connection and bezel
14Plastic ring plug style 14Plastic and glass lens snap on
15Lamp shap case bottom 15Lamp shap case bottom
16Case bottom with five petals 16Case bottom with five petals
17Bezel with two opposite screws 17Bezel with two opposite screws
18Chrome-plating case 18Chrome plated hole
19Electrophoresis case 19Electrophoresis case
20Zinc-plating case 20Zinc-plating case
21Matte surface case 21Matte surface case
22Case with polished surface 22Case with polished surface
23Case with powder-coated surface 23Case with powder-coated surface
24Nickel-plating case